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In the heart of innovation and reliability, there exists a force that propels industries forward, one pump at a time.

This force is Southern Pumps, a beacon of expertise and a catalyst for
fluid excellence.



Building & Construction
Nutrition  & Health
Oil & Gas




Our pumps are suitable for water, aggressive, volatile, viscous, contaminated and heating or chilling liquids.



Southern Pumps after sales service and maintenance is second to none, with fully equipped workshops and 24 hour emergency services, ready to meet all customer needs. 



We are a Level 2 BBBEE contributor and the pumps supplied or serviced would be free from defects in material and manufacturing workmanship.

Redefining the fluid handling landscape

At Southern Pumps, we’re not just engineers and manufacturers; we’re problem solvers, visionaries, and partners in progress. Forged by a commitment to strong family values, unity, responsibility, and a long-term vision, our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to redefine the fluid handling landscape. 

For decades, we’ve been at the forefront of pump manufacturing and servicing, delivering solutions that empower businesses across diverse sectors. Our pumps don’t just move liquids; they move industries towards greater efficiency, reliability, and sustainable growth.

Southern Pumps is more than a brand; it’s a way of life. It’s the rhythm of innovation, the harmony of reliability, and the melody of solutions. It’s where professionals become leaders, where products become solutions, and where challenges become opportunities. Step into the stream of Southern Pumps and experience fluid excellence that moves the world. Together, we shape the currents of progress and forge a legacy that resonates far beyond the surface.

Where fluid excellence flows

        Our Essence

We stand on the pillars of integrity and trust, building connections that withstand time. 

             Our impact

From the depths of the ocean to the heights of industrial complexes, our pumps power essential operations that keep the world moving forward. 

          Our Vision 

To be the preferred and trusted provider of
superior quality pumping and related solutions in South Africa.

     Join the Flow

Step into the stream of Southern Pumps and experience fluid excellence that moves the world.

We prioritise customer satisfaction, contact us today.

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